Monday, June 19, 2006

Creation and Mathematics

This is great - from Vern Poythress in 1974, but I've only recently found it online. Full title is: Creation and Mathematics or What does God have to do with Numbers. There is absolutely no need for any higher-level mathematical knowledge prior to reading and enjoying and being edified by it!

You may particularly enjoy spotting Van Till behind much of it, as well as asking the obvious epistemological and presuppositional questions as you go along. Tom Watts will be writing his MTh Dissertation in this sort of area (God & Mathematics) during 2007-8 (God willing) which I certainly look forward to reading...

It goes without saying (so I'll say it anyway) that the whole Frame-Poythress website is a total delight, and there is more of Frame's stuff on ThirdMill. (Obviously their thoughts have been published in real books for those, like me, who prefer a page to a screen - but these two websites are a great online resource, so go & enjoy!)


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