Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who or What is your Saviour?

That to which I turn when needing salvation is my saviour.

So, having had a bad day, being conscious of sin, being stressed, being tired, what do I do? Do I exercise? Do I eat? Do I play music? Nothing wrong with these of course - they may well represent gospel wisdom... But do I turn to Jesus?

Seems to me my life is full of mini-saviours - which may just mean that I'm bad at enjoying God's great and generous gifts without reference to him (and probably does mean this, at least partly). Yet it also means that I do not turn as often as I could to the great Saviour.

How great, then, to turn first to him, and then
consciously through, with, in, by & near him to turn to wise things and nice things - to chocolate and mates and Mozart.

Superficially indistinguishable, yet utterly different...

What excellence to enjoy the world in/with/through/near Christ! What poverty without


Blogger Marc Lloyd said...


Great stuff.

And going to bed and having a wiskey and putting on the telly and ranting in Him too.

2:20 pm, June 21, 2006  

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