Friday, October 20, 2006

Music in Church (2) Training Session

This is one of the subjects I hope to get into on this blog, and I've already stuck up a couple of thoughts. I think it is fundamental to be clear what worship is and why we gather - without those two in place, all the other issues are almost impossible to address.

So that's what I taught the musicians and technicians at TBT and CCM (The Bible Talks and Christ Church Mayfair) the other Sunday afternoon. Though far from the finished article on worship and the gathering - much more the first base (being my first talk to these particular musicians on these issues) I think it a useful talk... It can be found for MP3 download here, under my name, titled 'Worship' and dated Oct 8th.

What it does is about 20 mins on 'What is Worship', some of which will be familiar to those who have read Engaging with God, 20 mins on 'Why do we Gather', with some marked resemblances to a paradigm given in True Worship, and 20 mins on questions. Each is particularly applied to church musicians and technicians, though there is a sense of the wider congregation's responsibility.

I offer it up in case it is useful...


Blogger thebluefish said...

Very useful. Thank you.

11:28 pm, October 23, 2006  

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