Monday, June 26, 2006

Edward Donnelly 'Heaven and Hell' (BoTT)

This is a great book, tackling a subject we need to hear & keep hearing: heaven and hell really exist, and we must live for one, saving as many as possible from the other.
  • Lacking motivation in evangelism? Read this book & remember where the lost end up.
  • Lacking joy in the Christian life? Read this book and remember what & where you were saved from.
  • Lacking motivation in discipleship? Read this book, and remember where you really live.
What is so good about this book? After all there are many good books out there on the same subject (David Jackman & Bruce Milne stand out amongst recent publications, and there are some great Puritan treatments too).

This book's strengths are:
  • The pastoral heart with which it is written, flowing through every word, phrase, paragraph and chapter. ED writes to and applies for the Christian and non-Christian.
  • The clarity with which it is constructed. It is just brilliantly comprehensible: simple without being simplistic. It could be read by any keen 6th-Former, and yet its contents would feed any pastor or theologian.
  • Its commitment to Scripture, which is obvious on every page - as ED clearly shows his working and reasoning.
  • Its accuracy. ED basically gets it all right. Obviously I've not yet found a book I don't disagree with bits of, with one notable exception! Yet within that obvious caveat, ED is on the nail with every important doctrine, as far as I can see.
So: faithful, clear, challenging, pastoral... Read it! Preach it! Live it!

Or at least: buy it, put it on your shelf & feel guilty for not reading it - until this then motivates you to getting round to reading it! Then preach it & live it...

Time reading this will not have been wasted - and your neighbour or sister or colleague might just be thanking God in eternity that you did read it!


Blogger Marc Lloyd said...

Would it have been better to focus on New Creation & hell?

10:01 am, July 18, 2006  

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