Thursday, July 06, 2006

Duchess of Buckingham on Whitefield

Sachy reminded me of this letter a few days ago, and I have just had occasion to type it into a talk I'm writing. It is a stunning (and consequently very sad) expression of someone spurning the gospel in pride. I felt moved to use it in commenting on Mark 2:13-17.

Letter from the Duchess of Buckingham replying to Lady Huntington's invitation that she come and hear Whitefield preach (quoted in Pollock p. 103).
'I thank your Ladyship for the information concerning the Methodist preachers. Their doctrines are most repulsive and strongly tinctured with impertinence and disrespect towards their superiors, in perpetually endeavouring to level all ranks and to do away with all distinctions. It is monstrous to be told you have a heart as sinful as the common wretches that crawl on the earth. This is highly offensive and insulting; and I cannot but wonder that your Ladyship should relish any sentiments so much at variance with high rank and good breeding.’


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