Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Supply Teaching

The great thing about the fact that I'm supply teaching at the moment is that I've had loads of time to read... What a joy! I'm being paid good money, doing my job very well (ie not shirking or anything) and still getting loads of reading while the classes watch videos or create posters or do exercises (it being the last week or so of term).

So far I have managed 4 small-ish books: Donnelly's 'Heaven & Hell', Moody's 'God-Centred Life', Roberts' 'True Worship' and Beynon & Sach's 'Dig Deeper'. I've also got through my 1st-year Chris Green notes on Mark's Gospel. While doing this I've had opportunities to testify, witnessing to many non-Christians (and I'm generally rubbish at this) because they know I'm training as a minister... And I'm getting paid very generously.

So God's provided money and the chance to catch up on my reading pile (not that you ever get to the bottom of such a pile, but I've made more progress in the last three days than the previous six weeks) and a chance to witness... All praise to our glorious and generous God!


Blogger Ros said...

I once did some supply teaching at a school where a friend of mine was temping in the office. She was on about £8.50 an hour and worked extremely hard. I was on about £18 an hour and mainly spent my time reading and preparing bible studies for camp. There were times I felt slightly guilty about this. But not many.

I also did about six weeks worth of supply over exam time a few years ago, mainly doing invigilation. £18 an hour to do literally nothing. It's a hard life!

10:19 am, July 05, 2006  

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