Wednesday, December 13, 2006

John Flavel - a gem

From The Shorter Catechism, Illustrated by John Whitecross. And illustrated here does not mean pretty pictures, but with illustrations such as one might use in a sermon. (I'll hopefully get round to reviewing this book some point!)

This is a gem from John Flavel from his preface to Treatise on the Soul of Man (p. 50):
I studied to know many other things, but I knew not myself. It was with me, as with a servant to whom the master committed two things: the child, and the child's clothes. The servant is very careful of the clothes; brushes and washes, starches and irons them, and keeps them safe and clean; but the child is forgotten and lost. My body which is but the garment of my soul, I kept and nourished with excessive care; but my soul was long forgotten, and had been lost for ever, as others daily are, had not God roused it by the convictions of His Spirit, out of that deep oblivion and deadly slumber.


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