Thursday, November 02, 2006

Two Great Websites

First, there's ShowandTell, which is sharing youth-work resources. I've known this was coming for a while, and am very excited to see it. Please will all you gifted youth-workers out there put all your stuff on it so I can use it? Many thanks! seriously, we're all a bit too coy about our talks; I think that if a talk's good enough to give to whichever group you gave it to, it is good enough to share with other mature Christians - who are much less likely to be taken in by any errors or mistakes than the people you first gave it to! Only thing stopping us all sharing is either false thinking on this one, or pride... So, let's share! :-))

Second, there's Titus2Talk, which looks like a great website following on from my post here about women. A brief scan reveals many links to great sites, a positive review of my current favourite Christian CD, and loads of links at the very bottom of the page on all sorts of useful things. I will be adding this to the list of resources suggested after that earlier blog. And if there are any women reading this with more ideas, or who didn't comment the first time, please go for it, so we men can learn how to serve you better as we teach and preach and pastor...


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