Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Revision Limericks

I wrote these during Marian Raikes' Spirituality course last year. Just how literally I mean the word 'during' I probably shouldn't specify online!

Augustine (more detail here)
There once was a man named Augustine
Who over young girls had been lustin'
So he prayed and God saved him,
Transformed and re-made him,
When he'd seen that his sin was disgustin'
Pachomius (on whom, see here)
There once was a monk named Pachomius
Who built a monastery on his own-i-us
The walls were built wobbly
So visitors could be Godly
He said: come and live on your own-with-us.
Teresa of Avila (on whom, see here)
Teresa's interior castle
Show's her theology's partial:
Humans work alone
Before God's love's shown,
Which make's being a Christian a hassle!
Mysticism (which is more self-explanatory!)
A Mystic is someone who's seen God
And cannot express this 'coz its odd:
Noetic, ineffable,
Vague, inexpressible,
But that doesn't stop most of them trying at great length anyway,using slightly weird poetic metres...
Go on - write a few yourself and stick them on as comments!


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